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30 April 2012 @ 10:35 am
I have given in to peer pressure and have assembled a master list. It's not very masterly yet, but I plan on adding to it, so for now let's just call it a mini-master list :)

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31 October 2014 @ 05:59 pm
Title: A Day in the Park
Pairing: 12/Rose
Rating: T (for naughty themes)
Summary: Tweleve and Rose go for an emergency tea run, and have a little fun in the meantime
A/N: Written for Jen :)

“Doctor, we have a problem,” Rose announced as she walked into the console room. He grunted in acknowledgement, more concerned with the equation on the chalkboard, but when Rose cleared her throat impatiently he sighed and turned to see what she wanted.

He was momentarily distracted by her attire. She was wearing black jeans and one of his discarded oxfords, the sleeves rolled up and the bottom tied around her waist, leaving a tantalizing strip of skin. Her feet were bare with her hair tied in a ponytail, and she only had on mascara. She looked stunning, and he immediately dropped the chalk to walk over to her.
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“Wipe your hands off first,” she grinned, dancing out of his reach when he grabbed for her. “I just changed, and everything shows on black.”

“What’s the problem?” he finally asked when chasing her around the console proved to be fruitless, hunting until he found a (relatively) clean towel to brush the chalk off. Rose was watching indulgently, leaning against the console. Her ponytail had fallen slightly and a few wisps of hair were floating around her face. Her hand were playing absently with the knot of the shirt, and he wondered what it would take to loosen it.

She blinked at his question and disappointingly dropped her hand. “Oh, right. We’re out of that tea you like now. I think Clara got a hold of it and well, you know that she can drink like five cups a day…”

He frowned. “Even my emergency stash?”

“Used the last of it up yesterday,” Rose replied, apologetically, finally moving into his arms after he tossed the towel away. “I meant to tell you last night, but well… it slipped my mind.”

He smirked. “I’d have been offended if it hadn’t after what I did to you. I was wondering why the TARDIS was playing silly buggers with me this morning and hiding the kitchen.”

“I know you wanted to spend the day in and work, but we really do need to stock up,” Rose replied.

He cast a rueful look at the equation he was working on before giving in. “Alright. One quick shopping trip. But only if you change.”

“Hey! It’s your tea,” Rose replied, but she was smiling. “And you didn’t seem to mind my outfit a moment ago.”

“That was before there was a chance of others seeing you,” he responded. “Now move your arse, Rose Tyler. The sooner we do this, the sooner I get back to my equation and we go on that vacation you’ve been going on about.”

Rose simply untied the shirt and tucked it into her jeans. “Done,” she grinned, giving him a tongue touched grin. He chased after it before pulling away reluctantly to pilot the TARDIS, Rose joining in and helping him seamlessly.

The TARDIS landed with a slight bump, and they stepped out into a bright, warm day on Earth. “Where are we?” Rose asked, shielding her eyes. They seemed to be at some park, with a tea and coffee shop across the street. The Doctor immediately headed toward it, their hands swinging between them. While the Doctor wasn’t as physically affectionate this time around, there were some things that just didn’t change. He maintained that private lives should remain private, but Rose loved it when she was able to get him to loosen up in public.

They entered the shop and hesitated, unsure of where anything was. A young girl looked up at them, bored. “Hey y’all, what can I get ya?” she asked.

“You didn’t tell me we were in the South,” Rose accused.

“I didn’t know either,” he protested.

The teenager looked amused despite herself. “What, did y’all take a wrong turn crossing the pond?”

“Something like that,” the Doctor grumbled, and started looking through the shelves. Rose ordered a frappuccino and, since it looked like he was going to be a while, sat down at one of the tables lining the windows.

About five minutes later the Doctor finally emerged from the aisles, carrying a basket with a variety of teas. The girl rang him up, sensing that he didn’t want to talk; after a wave and a ‘hope you find the place y’all’re looking for!’ she went back to whatever she had been doing before they walked in. Rose waved and they dropped the bag off in the TARDIS before she pulled him back outside. “Might as well enjoy the sunshine,” Rose replied. “And maybe a change of scenery will inspire you to get over that exponent or omega or whatever it is you’ve been growling at the past few days.”

“I’m calculating a more efficient method of vortex energy storage and usage, Rose, it’s a bit more complicated than exponents,” he grumbled as they found a bench sitting underneath the shade of a large oak tree. The Doctor draped his arm across the back as Rose leaned against him. “The TARDIS is already old, and things have been breaking with more regularity. By solving this equation She’ll be able to use more of the vortex for healing Herself.”

Rose gave him a sad smile. “The parts you salvaged from the TARDIS graveyard didn’t help?”

“For a time,” he said, tersely; House was still a sore spot. “I’ve been using them for repairs, but it’s like an organ transplant; if I’m not careful they’re rejected. They’re more like plasters.”

She cupped his cheek and turned his head to give him a soft kiss. “Just continue treating the TARDIS like a lady, and She’ll always bring you home.”

He pulled a face at the reference. “I should have known you’d have a thing for doctors.”

“Only the one in front of me,” she said playfully, and he chuckled, before giving her a brief smile and pressing his forehead against hers.

“I’m already home.” he told her, quietly.

After a moment where they sat and smiled at each other, they finally turned back to the world around them. Rose lifted her hand and pointed out a young couple, commenting on their outfits and despairing over the male’s facial hair.

“I’ve seen better disasters,” the Doctor drawled. “The Master had the universe’s worst goatee once, I swear that thing was made of the souls of all the bad haircuts on Earth. I know he wore it just because he was obsessed with the mustache-twirling evil villain schtick- drove my third self mad.”

They people-watched as the locals walked along the street, and were soon approached by a woman in her late forties. “Mind if I sit here?” she asked. “The husband is chasing the dog around and I’m not built for that sort of exercise.”

“Go ahead,” Rose replied, and saw the man wrestling with a german shepherd a few yards away. “We’re just enjoying the scenery.”

They were making up a backstory for a woman wearing hair curlers and a floral-printed dress when the stranger piped up. “It’s nice to see a young woman like yourself spending time with your grandfather,” she said with a smile. “My children already have nothing to do with me.”

Rose blinked at her, sharing an amused look with the Doctor. “We’re married, actually,” Rose said. “Been about what, five years?”

”Five and a half,” the Doctor replied. They were referring to the years since the regeneration into his current face; if they had counted since he wore leather, even the Doctor would have had trouble remembering.

"Right, sorry, he’s better at keeping track than me." Rose rolled her eyes fondly and grinned at him, not noticing the woman’s disgusted expression. "You’re gonna teach me that trick one day, admit it."

"Isn’t she a little… young?" The woman interrupted their banter, and the Doctor raised an eyebrow. "You robbed the cradle for a trophy wife."

"Oi!" Rose exclaimed. "I’m not a trophy. And I seduced him, thank you very much. Nothing like swinging from a chain and into a bloke’s arms to make him fall for you."

"Either that or he’s going through a mid-life crises and he has a nice bank account," the woman said, acidly.

They both stared at her for a moment, gobsmacked. “What’s your name, again?” the Doctor asked.

"Margaret," the lady sniffed.

The Doctor made a face. “Never met a Margaret I liked. One tried throwing me out a window, and the other tried blowing up a nuclear power plant to destroy Cardiff. Not that it would have been much of a loss. Anyway, let me tell you, I’d take them both over you any day.” He shook his head. “They never did like my opinion on their politics. Never mind. Point is, it’s none of your business what our relationship is, so sod off.”

"Besides," Rose piped up, "he’s broke. Not a cent to his name. I had to pay for our first date, and you still owe me ten quid from Scotland, Mister.”

The woman muttered about something else that was broken, and Rose’s grin grew feral. Oh, the Doctor thought, with a dark smile, Rose was going to eat her alive. He was going to enjoy this. “Remember that time you took me to Paris, dear? With the bakery and the water?”

The Doctor wondered what she was planning, but smirked. “You mean when you…?”

"Yes. I had that dress on and no knickers, and you were waxing eloquent about the Eiffel Tower when I pointed that fact out to you. I’ve never seen so red,” she purred.

Though the Doctor was mildly offended- he never waxed poetic, especially in his ninth form - he nodded and snuck a glimpse at the busy-body. She was pale under her awful attempt at a spray tan.

"It was dark," Rose murmured, suggestively playing with the top button on his jacket as she twisted towards him and moved a leg between his. "There were very few people about in that small side-street, and I was getting rather chilly."

"And of course, being the gentlemen, I gave you my jacket," he said, placing his hands on her hips.

She nodded, clearly enjoying the show she was putting on for their… neighbor as she moved fully on top of him. “Just made it all the easier to hide what I was doing when I straddled you and got rid of that pesky belt.”

"Really now, Rose," he chided, and his smirk grew downright filthy, "you bring up the rather brilliant shag in Paris, but fail to mention the time you mooned half of Tokyo?"

"Well you didn’t tell me that the recording was live," she responded. She popped the first button of his jacket. "And, if you remember, I had just recovered from that week in Bora Bora when you shagged me so hard I couldn’t walk for three days."

"Well, you know how much I love you in my bed," he said. "In fact, all this talk of our more epic fucks has me thinking of another location I would like to try. I’m sure we can hide what we’re doing if we’re creative…"

At that, the woman stood up in disgust and stormed off, exclaiming about rude foreigners and how they didn’t respect the local culture. It took Rose and the Doctor precisely three seconds after she was out of earshot for them to collapse into laughter.

"We’ve never visited Bora Bora," he said, once they had collected their breaths.

"And I don’t remember Tokyo being that exciting,” Rose replied, settling herself over him more firmly. “Though that definitely gives me ideas on what to do the next time we’re there."

"Rose Tyler, you little minx," he breathed, pulling her closer to him. "Before I kiss you till you forget your name, answer me this: is she looking?"

"Oh yeah. She’s bringing her husband into it now."

"Good." With that he pulled her into a fierce kiss, picking her up and staggering the few steps to the nearby tree, pressing her into it as she enthusiastically returned the snog. Moments later, she broke away gasping. "They’re gone."

He looked up at her, eyes completely black from arousal. “Good. Because I really did mean it when I said that I’d thought of another location.”

“You’re gonna get us arrested,” she giggled as she slid down his body, landing on her feet. She was still pinned between him and the tree, and she hoped the trunk was thick enough to hide them from those who happened to glance in their direction.

His grin promised all sorts of naughty things as he lowered the zip on her jeans. “Well then, Rose Tyler, you’re just going to have to be very… very… quiet.”

She squeaked as he slid his fingers into her knickers, and threw her head back. “Good thing we got the tea first,” she breathed, and then gave up on talking. It was much more fun feeling what his hand and mouth were getting up to.

They did, of course, get arrested. They didn’t particularly mind, and even gave Margaret a cheery wave as they were escorted to the car. “How long will it take us to bust out?” Rose whispered.

“It’ll take me at least three minutes, depending on the security, who’s in the cell with me, and how long it takes to get to the door.” he replied.

“Bet I can do it faster,” she replied, calmly, as she was pushed into the car.

The Doctor slid in next to her. “You really want to make that bet?”

“Oh, completely,” she grinned. “You may have the sonic, but I’m a female, and that officer was checking me out. They’d put you in the pen first, and I’ll be in the interrogation room. It’s easier to escape. Plus, I have the psychic paper in the pocket while you only have the screwdriver.”

He considered as the car started moving. “Alright, you’re on. If I win, we go to Tenalp instead of Dlrow.”

“And if I win, you’re taking me to you-know-where, no excuses.”

He laughed. “Rose, you can say the name, you know. Bar-”

“No!” she protested, giggling. “You’ll curse it!”

Even though his hands had cuffs on them, he still reached forward to tickle her. Rose squirmed and tried shoving his hands away, but she was laughing and he was laughing and even the officer’s sharp reprimand to keep it down didn’t ruin their mood.

Because Rose was right. The TARDIS always did bring him home, because no matter what happened it ended with him and Rose, together. And nothing would ever change that.
31 January 2014 @ 09:50 pm
Pairing: 8/Rose
Rating: M
Summary: AU. When John is stuck at work and misses Rose, they find creative ways to be intimate.

A/N: Based off of Trinity's gif set. Thanks to dameofpowellestate and Trinity for the read-through and suggestions! Sequel to As The Wind Howls.

It had been another long day.

John sighed as he slid into his office chair in his New York hotel suite. It had been a day filled with meetings, working out contract details, arguing with the bank over the money needed to buy out a business that was going bankrupt, and he still had paperwork to fill out and emails to reply to and send. John was known as a miracle-worker in getting businesses back on their feet, but days like this he wished he had stayed in medical school and became a surgeon rather than taking over his father’s business. It had been a lonely week, and he missed London- and the woman who awaited him there- with a passion. The only bright spot was that he was finally done in New York, and would be on a flight back tomorrow.

He pulled his mobile out of his pocket, quickly pulling up a familiar number and hitting the call button.

“Hello?” The voice on the other end asked, sounding sleepy. John smiled.
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I am:: mischievousmischievous
Theme Song:: Love Somebody- Maroon Five
31 January 2014 @ 09:46 pm
Pairing: 8/Rose
Rating: M
Summary: Au. It’s the first night of their honeymoon, and John and Rose are going to make the best of it

A/N: Written based off Trinity's gif set and sequel to Breaking It In. Thanks to lunarsilverwolfstar for the beta!

They found the small B&B on the outskirts of a town in Germany, their GPS having sent them in circles and miles away from their hotel. John had cursed the thing plenty when they finally realized they were lost; Rose had warned him not to buy it from the pawn shop, but it was there and he was there and he figured that it couldn’t have been too bad. Next time, though, he was going to make sure he knew when it was manufactured. Things changed a lot in five years.

“Not exactly what I was expecting,” Rose teased as they hurried to the front door, the wind howling around them. “But since our plans always end up going pear-shaped, I’m not surprised.”

He grumbled as he stepped inside, wincing as the wind caught the door and slammed it closed. “I was hoping to impress you.” He sighed. “Five-star hotel, all the pampering you want… we only have one honeymoon, and I didn’t want to spend our first night as a married couple in some rickety old house.”
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31 January 2014 @ 09:43 pm
Pairing: 8/Rose
Rating: M
Summary: Rose and John buy a flat. Next step? Christening.

A/N: Au. Based of this giset of Trinity's. Prequel to As the Wind Howls. Beta’ed by bluedawn~

Rose groaned as she unfolded herself from the desk, blinking blearily as her phone buzzed at her. She must have fallen asleep while studying, and was only grateful that someone hadn’t rifled through her stuff while she was asleep.

“H’lo?” She asked, voice gravelly.

“Rose?” John’s voice sounded confused. “You all right?”

“Sorry,” she muttered as she rubbed her eyes. “Fell asleep.”

He sounded concerned. “You need to take a break, Rose. You’ll collapse at this rate.”

“I have to study for this test, John. If I don’t pass I don’t get into my program.” She yawned, her jaw cracking. “Sorry.”

“It’s all right. It’s just… I’m going to see that flat listing today, and I thought you would like to join me…?”

Rose smiled softly at his hesitance. They had been dating for six months now but he still was still hesitant and nervous around her. Ever since the fight he had been careful to say the right things; oh, he was still rude from time to time, but he was beginning to realize that she didn’t care and it was one of the things she liked about it. He still had a long way to go, though, since when he got angry his mouth didn’t have a filter.

“I’ll be at your dorm in ten minutes,” she promised him. “I can quiz myself on the way over there.”

“I’m not meeting the owner until three, but we can get breakfast,” he said happily. “See you soon.”
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31 January 2014 @ 09:20 pm
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: K
Summary: A chance encounter with heiress Rose Tyler starts John Smith, a TA with a controlling professor and two free-loading colleagues, down a road he never thought he deserved.

A/N: Written for crocophant for strange_charmed's 2013 secret santa fic exchange on Tumblr!
Thanks to rudennotginger for the beta!

“Mr. Smith! Mr. Smith, wait up!”

John closed his eyes and let out a sigh, before turning and plastering on a smile to the running student. “Nolan. Enjoying your weekend?”

The boy puffed a bit before nodding. “I was actually just on my way to ask you about chapter five. I’ve been studying, but the homework makes no sense.”

“My office hours are posted on my door, and any further hours require an appointment,” John reminded him yet again. “There’s tutoring available if you need it.”
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22 December 2013 @ 12:33 am
Pairing: 10/Rose
Rating: K
Summary: They were skipping rocks in a pond one day when he asked, out of the blue, “What do you think of time travel?”

A/N: Written for silverlunarstar for the 2013 fic exchange. I hope you know how much your friendship means to me, and that you have a very merry christmas!
Thanks to rudennotgingr for the beta <3

Her first impression of him was that tattoo on the back of his neck, ϴΣΧ, which was a bit odd in and of itself. She assumed he was some pretentious uni student, and his posh brown suit certainly fit the bill even if his ratty cream trainers made her doubt.

Still, it was either she stare at the tattoo or his bum, since he was leaning over the railing and staring intently at something downstairs. The customers coming up the escalator looked at him in varying degrees of concern, and Rose finally intervened before a complaint could be made. “Excuse me,” she said politely. “Are you looking for something?”
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Place in Time and Space:: in the dark
24 November 2013 @ 09:16 pm
Title: Stars
Pairing: Eight/Rose
A/N: Quick ficlet. Originally an ask fic on Tumblr.

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24 November 2013 @ 09:10 pm
Title: Long Enough
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose
Rating: K
A/N: Based off this drawing.

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Place in Time and Space:: Dorm Room
Theme Song:: Pandora- Disney Channel
05 July 2013 @ 01:01 am
Title: Black Leather
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: M
Summary: Whatever pleases his mistress

A/N: Happy birthday Riona!!!! Beta by Silver, but I've fiddled with it so all mistakes are mine.

She was in the wardrobe room when she found it.

They were heading towards a planet whose name she couldn’t pronounce, but which, the Doctor assured her, had excellent spas. “And an... adult theme park,” he had added, with a wink and a filthy grin.

Since the climate was warm, she was searching for the red bikini the Doctor adored on her and the TARDIS blue cover-up for the more modest areas of the planet. Instead, her hand had found this, and... well, the idea formed instantly.

“Thanks, girl,” she whispered to the ship. The TARDIS hummed in reply.
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